Capt. Danielle Davidson has an infectious passion for fly fishing and all things coastal. Her excitement when hooking into a redfish on the beach or a bluegill in the backyard can be felt by all around her. Fishing with Capt. Danielle will connect you with so much more than a fish on the end of your line. You’ll experience and share in her passion for understanding the target species as well as the habitats our central Gulf Coast estuaries have to offer, from emerald white sand beaches and clear water oyster and grass flats to tannic backwater rivers and creeks. 

Danielle grew up in nearby Gulf Breeze, FL where from a young age, her father taught her the ways of finding and catching fish. Now, Danielle has connected her dedication to conserving local fish habitats and all who call it home with the culture of the fly fishing community. She supports and leads local and national fly fishing organizations, is a steward of responsible angling and fly fishing education, and is one of the leading female voices in the rapidly growing community of fly anglers. Capt. Danielle aims to ensure you have an inspiring day chasing fish, honing your skills, and enjoying some of the region’s best fly fishing waters.